Double Doink is Gone!!

The Chicago Bears will be parting ways with Cody Parkey to start of the season. Cody Parkey was 76% from field goal attempts this year and was 42-45 on extra point attempts. But Cody Parkey will always be remembered for his double doink against the Eagles on a potential game winning field goal. And if that wasn’t enough that he blew the Bears postseason, he also went on NBC’s “Today” show to accept his soft participation trophy. If you are a Bear Fan you might not want to watch the video.

Parkey won’t be let go just because of the missed field, but truley because his appearence on “Today Show”. He didn’t clear it with the Chicago Bears before attending the show, and also how the show tried to make people feel bad for you. Parkey you have one damn job and that is to kick fields and make them. If Parkey didn’t know that his ass was grass, Ryan Pace approched a new conference by saying, “We need more production out of that position. We know we need to get better there, and it will be an area of focus.” So good ridance to Codey Parkey and hopefully no Bear Fans will have to go through that again and react like the guy in my next video. Video is owned by Barstool Sports.

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