Celtics Couldn’t Handle Running of the Bulls

The Boston Celtics came to Chicago to face the Bulls tonight and faced a different team than in past. The Boston Celtics jumped out to a 33-28 lead in the first quarter, but second quarter only managed to score 18 while the Bulls doubled them with 36. The Bulls would hold on to their lead for the rest of the game winning 126-116. The real story of tonight was about Lauri Markkanen and Zach LaVine putting on a show.

Lauri Markkanen ended with 35 points and 15 rebounds. This is a career high for Markkanen since playing the Knicks last year where he had 33 points. But even with his career night he still wasn’t the highest scorer of the night.

Zach LaVine had one hell of night against the Boston Celtics. Lavine was able to drive and score and his shot was going down. Lavine ended his career night with 42 points and 6 rebounds. Lavine surpassed his previous high of 41 points at New York on November 5. So when was the last time the Chicago Bulls had a great game from two of their players?

The last time two Chicago Bulls players had a game with 35+ points was Jordan and Pippen in 1996. We can all agree that LaVine and Markkanen are not Jordan and Pippen, but these past games have shown promise in this young team. I have been torn about tanking, but after tonight Let’s Go Bulls!

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