Hockey Players Are Scary Tough

Hockey Players have always had the stereotype of being tough and I would have to agree with it. There isn’t many sports where a player loses his teeth and he continues to keep playing. Hockey also allows fighting and only penalizes the two players for a five minute penalty. But on Thursday night, we witnessed another crazy moment as a player from the Carolina Hurricanes took a puck off the face to score, and came back later to score and snap a 3-3 tie.

In the first period, Brett Pesce shot the puck and was deflected off Justin Williams face to score a goal. You could imagine that immediately after the goal everyone witnessed Justin laying on the ice for a bit. He would walk off on his power, and would later come back to the game with his nose full of gauze. The Hurricanes were tied 3-3 with the Florida Panthers late in the third when Williams made a nice play and got the puck past James Reimer into the Florida net. The Hurricane went on to win, but seriously how tough is Justin Williams?

I can tell you right now that if I took a puck to the face that would be the end of my career. I can handle a little pain, but a puck to the face is my limit. Sometimes I get a little crazy when I’m picking my nose and accidentally make it bleed resulting in me making a scene. Williams instead of making a scene after a huge nose bleed put some gauze in his nose and played the rest of the game. These guys also lose teeth all the time and its just fine, while my parents are still pissed at me because I stopped wearing my retainer. Respect to these guys, and good luck to Mr. Williams because your tough for me.

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