Almost Lost Toes Because Of Polar Vortex

I wanted to keep most of blogs about sports but I need to recap my past 48 hours. So if you were living under a rock these past couple you wouldn’t have know that the Chicago area suffered miserable temperatures. Now I live 40 miles north of Chicago and actually 10 minutes away from the Wisconsin Border, so no I do NOT live in Chicago. I also work third shift and that will be important later in this rant. So how could I almost lose my toes?

Well I worked Wednesday morning till 8 am when the temperature was at around -20 F. I drove home and decided that when I woke up I was going to start my car and get it warm. Well I woke up at 6 pm, the temperature was -20 F but felt like -32 F. I tried to start my car and realized it was dead, so luckily Lisa’s (my girlfriend) car was able to start. If Lisa’s car wouldn’t have started then I was going to have to take UBER which would have been $35 for a 10 min ride because it was at 11 pm.

After my shift (Thursday morning) I decide that I am going to take my car battery out and go get it tested at autozone. So I get home, the temperature is at -24 F and I know I have to bundle up if I am going to survive. I had two pairs of everything on plus a beautiful cheetah scarf that my girlfriend owns because I don’t own one. I realize 10 minutes into trying to take the battery out the scarf keeps fogging up my glasses, so I ditched the scarf. As I am about to take the last bolt out to get the battery out I realize I can’t feel any of my toes. They went from being cold and numb to no feeling at all, so in my head I went to the worst possible scenario thinking I have to cut off my damn toes. Luckily they warmed up when I brought my battery to autozone where they told me they would be able to charge my battery and it would be good in 1 hour. Needless to say I got a phone call at 2 pm that the battery wouldn’t charge and I had to purchase a new battery. I bought a new battery and the car started right up.

I am saying this right now that if this Polar Vortex thing is going to be a yearly situation then there is a 0% chance I will be living in this area any longer. It is one thing for snow, which did after the cold temperatures went away, but temperatures where it feels like -35 F are just miserable. The only winner in this how 48 hour misery was the mechanics and the auto parts stores. I can’t have this worry every year of thinking I could possibly lose some toes. But seriously I am proud of the people in the Chicago Area finding places for homeless people, and hopefully we can keep finding ways to help people find safety not just for situations like this.

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