5 Necessities for a Great Super Bowl Party

  1. Someone has bring an awesome Buffalo Chicken Dip! Whoever takes the responsibility of bringing the Buffalo Chicken Dip is deciding the fate of the party. A great dip results in that person being the MVP of the party. Also whoever brings the chips needs to get Tostitos bite size instead of scoops because half the chips are broken and can’t scoop anything without getting your finger in the dip.
  2. Someone has to bring meatballs to the party. I love a great crock pot full of meatballs doused with barbecue sauce. Meatballs are easy and very filling. But whoever brings the meatballs need to bring toothpicks because I don’t want to spoon my meatballs on to my plate. I want to feel fancy.
  3. Someone has to bring platter full of subs. I don’t care what kind of subs are on the platter, but they are easy and half the people wont even need a plate. I can guarantee when I walk into a Super Bowl party I’m going to grab a sub and walk around talking to people then when I grab a plate later on I will grab another sub.
  4. There has to be a dog at the Super Bowl party. The dog will result in the people that don’t care about the game just focus their attention on the dog. There is nothing more annoying then watching the Super Bowl with people that have no clue about football and make crazy statements or questions about the game. The dog is also a living vacuum. For example, this morning I missed my mouth with scrambled eggs and Sox caught it in his mouth before even touched the floor. A dog will result in less of a mess at the party, but whoever’s dog needs to be prepared for having to take the dog out multiple times.
  5. Finally there is nothing more enjoyable at a Super Bowl party than having a person who bet their whole life saving on the game. I believe everyone should throw a little something on the game, but the person who bets an outrageous amount on the game is hilarious to watch. I love being around this person because they are really down when they are losing and really up when they are winning. Watch out for this person to be super passionate, and possibly even cry if they lose. But I immediately become a fan of the other team that the person is betting against. I think its because I am competitive but other people would say its because I am an ass.

If you are attending a Super Bowl party please be careful and if you are not suitable to drive then please UBER your way home. Everyone have fun and please be careful. Also good luck to all the people taking the honor to bring Buffalo Chicken Dip.

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