Not Jason Witten’s Season

Jason Witten had a rough season in the commentating booth, and on Sunday Jason put the nail in the coffin by breaking the Pro Bowl trophy. Jason was a great player but commentating just isn’t his thing. He has made multiple comments throughout the season that make you shake your head.

In the College National Championship he was asking why a player would fair catch a kick off within the 10. Well Jason that’s because college changed their rule where a player can fair catch on a kickoff to receive the ball at the 25. This rule is limit the injuries on kick off and even though its different than the NFL you would expect the announcer to know of the rule. Another mix up by Jason was while he was commentating the Pro Bowl game. When Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw a touchdown pass to Colts tight end Eric Ebron, Jason said “Ebron had been Mahomes’s guy all year”. Well Ebron plays for the Colts so I hope that the Kansas Chiefs quarterback isn’t counting on the Colts tightend. While Jason is struggling commentating his former teammate Tony Romo called a perfect game for the AFC Championship Game. Tony Romo will be announcing the Super Bowl and is expected to receive a bonus to stay with CBS.

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