Favorite Cartoons

I started off my Sunday morning by watching some SpongeBob SquarePants, and it made me reminisce my time when I was younger watching cartoons as a kid. It got me thinking about what was my favorite cartoons when growing up. I have a top 5 cartoons that I watch religiously when I was a kid. This list was hard considering I watched a lot of cartoons before I started to understand sports.

5. CatDog – CatDog was a show that aired during 1998-2005 which was perfect time for me in my cartoon era. It was about a cat and a dog attached at the waist. The cat was smart and tidy while the dog was goofy and filthy. It was a perfect comedy of two animals totally different that had to get along.

4. Recess – Recess was a show that aired during 1997-2001 and was about a bunch of school friends. The main characters were 4 boys and 2 girls that gave comic tales during recess. I always thought I was the cool kid with the red hat, but now that i am older I can relate more to heavy set kid.

3. Blue’s Clues – Blue’s Clues aired from 1996-2007, but I was done watching this before 2007. This show was one of my first cartoons I started watching and was probably forced on me from my parents. The show consisted of a blue dog that would leave 3 clues and Steve would have to figure it out. Later on I guess, they included a pink dog but again I wasn’t watching it then.

2. SpongeBob SquarePants – SpongeBob SquarePants first aired in 1999 and was a close second to number 1. I still enjoy the show now and makes me laugh at 25. The main character is SpongeBob and he has a silly friend named Patrick. He also has a snail, and a neighbor that he annoys named Squidward. Squidward and SpongeBob work at Krusty Krab for Mr. Krabs. I love this show because SpongeBob is just trying to have fun everyday and that’s all that matters in life is having a good time while we can.

1. Rugrats – Rugrats aired from 1991-2004 and was perfect because there was a great amounts of shows accumulated before I started understanding cartoons. Rugrats was a show from a baby’s point of view, and all the adventures these babies could get into without a single parent realizing. Angelica was the villain in the show always yelling at the babies because she was too cool for the babies, but secretly wishes she was one of them.

I gave my top 5 cartoons, so comment or tweet telling me your cartoons that you enjoyed watching. Happy Sunday and let the kid inside you watch some cartoons.

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