5 Reason Why They Shouldn’t Make Space Jam 2

I started my Sunday morning off by watching Space Jam, and the only thing I could think about is how the hell were they going to make a second one of this. I grew up on Space Jam and just hate the thought of another one being made without Michael being the main character. There has been all this talk that Lebron James is in the making of a second Space Jam, and I cant stand it. So I want to give 5 reasons why there shouldn’t be a second Space Jam.

First, Looney Tunes aren’t as popular as they were in the 90’s. Kids these days don’t watch Looney Tunes like they use to, but instead watch more of Youtube and play video games. It wouldn’t surprise me if kids don’t know who Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck are. Could you imagine asking kids who Elmer Fudd is or Road Runner? If your kids do know the Looney Tunes then respect to you as a parent because it is my goal that when I become a parent that they know the Looney Tunes. So if kids don’t know who the Looney Tunes are then who are they going to use?

Second, every Disney sequel sucks. For example, Little Mermaid 2, Lion King 2, Bambi 2, and recently Cars 2. Every movie I just named had a great original movie, but Disney decided to make a second movie and it didn’t live up to the hype. This is what is going to happen to Space Jam. Now I understand that they are remaking a Lion King that is coming out this year, but it is the same story line. So they are just remaking the original Lion King, and I explained in reason one that if kids don’t know Looney Tunes than they will have to use a different story line. 

Third, Space Jam is based off Michael Jordan leaving the NBA and playing baseball while Lebron has always played basketball. Michael Jordan has to help the Looney Tunes and get the fellow NBA players their skills back by playing basketball again. Michael playing with the Looney Tunes helps him realize that he loves playing basketball and goes back to the NBA. I don’t see how they could correlate this to Lebron James because he has always played basketball unless the story line is about him going back to Cleveland which he leaves again to go to Los Angeles. This proves again my point in reasoning 2 that this wouldn’t be the same story line, but instead a sequel which we know Disney sucks at.

Fourth, Michael was respected throughout the NBA compared to Lebron James. Whether you hated or loved Michael, the entire NBA respected Michael. Michael was significantly better than everyone else in the NBA at the time. He was respected because he was before his time. While Lebron James is a great player, but isn’t significantly better than everyone else in the NBA. This is why Lebron might not get as much respect as Michael did during his era. This isn’t a debate between who is the best player of all time, but who instead who had more respect during their era. Also Lebron has played for 3 different teams while Michael played majority of his time for Chicago until coming out of retirement to play for the Wizards. The different teams might hurt Lebron’s respect, but that is based off your opinion.

Finally, players in the NBA have different means to promote their brand instead of movies. During the 90’s, NBA players didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to promote their brand compared to NBA players now. With that being said it makes sense why players such as Charles Barkley, and Patrick Ewing would use Space Jam to promote their brand. We saw this with Uncle Drew who is played by Kyrie Irving. The cast of Uncle Drew is all players that retired instead of players in the NBA now. So if Space Jam can’t use current NBA players then who are the Monstars going to get the talent from. NBA players aren’t going want to be apart of this movie and the controversy around Lebron James, so Disney please don’t make a second Space Jam.

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