Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n Roll

I have seen many people post on social media asking what to watch on Netlix or Hulu. Well I have a must watch on Netflix called The Dirt. This movie is about the rise of Motley Crue becoming one of the most notorious rock’n roll groups in history. If you had a parent that grew up on rock’n roll then you have heard of Motley Crue, but how much do you know about them?

Well I don’t want to talk about the movie to much, but Holy Shit! Little spoiler, but I can’t believe these guys are still alive. I didn’t grow up on them but it is an understatement that they were the live of the party. Alcohol and drugs was the only thing these guys knew besides putting out great music. Watching this movie was also cool because I didn’t know all of these great songs were by them. If your parents were like my father then if you were in his car then his music, so my sister and I would try to ignore it or keep changing the music until he gave in. But this movie had their music throughout that brought back so many memories, and if you grew up on it then I don’t want to know your memories.

Finally great thing about Motley Cure besides their great music is that they own the rights to their music, and that is very unique in the music industry. If you plan to watch this movie please don’t let your kids watch it with you not only because of all the drugs but there is also a lot of nudity. I hope that you get the same thrill that I had watching this movie and that to say these guys are blessed is an understatement.

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