2nd Woman Champion in Slam Dunk Competition

If you haven’t heard of Francesca Belibi then get familiar with her name. I remember hearing about her when she became first woman to dunk in the state of Colorado in high school basketball. I remember watching it like five times on replay because I thought she was a college player. While she took a turn on to the Slam Dunk contest at the McDonald’s All-American game. So let’s watch her dunks.

Wow is right! Watching someone dunk over someone is so cool. I would be the person standing there because I’m not even getting close to the rim. Francesca will be joining Stanford next year and will be a must watch. Here some of heraccolades, she was a member of the US U16 USA National Team of 2017, member of the USA U17 National Team in 2018, member of the Jordan brand classic in 2019, McDonald’s All-American Team 2019, and finally Slam Dunk Champion 2019. Stanford is a #2 seed this year in the Women’s NCAA March Madness, and has a great recruit coming in as Francesca Belibi.

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