What A Great Day!

Good morning everyone! Today should be a day we have a little more pep in your step. Today is the start of a four-day college basketball frenzy. If you are cool than you have today and tomorrow off or if you are a boss you should bring in a TV for your employees. Today is where you get to see all the research you did for your bracket weather it is going to pay off. I’m going to tell you right now that it didn’t pay off. But what do you do if you’re at work and want to watch the games, and what games should you be paying attention to on the first day?

So how can you watch or know what is going on with the game while you are at work? Well if you work in an office then download your TV providers app. This will allow you to watch the game live. The only concern about this is not to get fully indulged in the game so that you make a scene in front of your colleagues. So how do you get information about the game if you were not in an office or have access to a TV? You should download the ESPN app. The ESPN app will allow you to get alerts sent to your phone of the games. You have to go to the games and click on the little bell and it will give you options of what kind of alerts you would like to receive. So you are welcome for that information, but what games should you definitely get alerts onfor the first day?

There are three games that I believe you must watch on the first day. The first game is at 11:40 AM Eastern time with Yale versus LSU. LSU is without their head coach and I think this gives Yale a chance of an upset. The second game that is a must watch is at 3:30 PM eastern time with Murray State versus Marquette. Murray State has one of the best players in the NCAA. He has led Murray State all year, But we will see if he can leave the upset over Marquette. Finally the last must watch game of day one is Florida versus Nevada. Florida is coming off a great SEC tournament and could bring that momentum into the March madness. But don’t forget about Nevada was also in the Sweet 16 last year getting beat to Lyola, so they have been there and done that. So have a great day and remember no one will have a perfect bracket.

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