Fans Need To Remember They Are Just Fans

Fans need to remember they’re just fans. I am a passionate fan, but there’s a difference between passionate and ignorant. There’s a lot of stories recently of fans being ignorant to players and other fans. Nothing ruins everyone’s experience like an ignorant fan, so please don’t be that fan.

First let’s talk about fans being ignorant to other fans. A story just came to surface that a Dallas Cowboys fan stabbed an Eagles fan. It all started from a cowboy fan saying “F the Eagles”. A couple of Eagles fans took insult to this, and decided to fight the Cowboy fan. Resulting in the Cowboy fan stabbing the Eagle fan because he felt threatened for his life. The Eagle fan wouldn’t be able to survive the stab and died at the hospital. This story is crazy because a person lost their life because a fan thought it was their responsibility to fight over a team. It is one thing to razz the other teams fans, but don’t get it to the point where people have to be confrontational.

Also we are seeing ignorant fans getting banned from arenas because they’re being pricks to players. I’m not saying that fans can’t yell at the other teams players, but don’t get racial or derogatory. Recently a Jazz fan made comments to Russell Westbrook saying “get on your knees like you like it.” This fan is lucky Westbrook didn’t whoop his ass because we all know that this fan wouldn’t have said it to Westbrook in a dark alley. I don’t care who you think you are, but majority to almost everyone of these professional athletes could whoop your ass. Also if fans keep acting like this than leagues will make tickets closer to the action more expensive or give more room between fans and players. So take this message like how you would treat other fans with a little fun but don’t get ignorant.

I didn’t write this blog to tell fans not to be passionate, but instead to remember that you are there to enjoy your team. So it might be fun to razz the other team and other teams fans, but just remember there is a line and don’t cross it before you ruin it for everyone else.

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