Boyfriend Gets Nose Bitten

College Basketball or St. Patrick’s might have consumed your weekend, but one story you need to hear about happened on Saturday. On Saturday, a UK flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife South ended with a bloody scene. It all started when a woman got up mid-flight to use the restroom and wasn’t wearing her shoes. A fellow passenger thought this was a concern and even said that someone should stand on her toes. This passenger had been drinking and thought it was his role to make a scene about this lady. Well the lady had a boyfriend that didn’t appreciate the comments and started by trying to defuse the situation.

Shit hit the fan when the plane landed and the passenger had consumed more alcohol. The boyfriend and the passenger started to argue and resulting in getting into a fight. The fight only lasted about 30 seconds before the crew would separate the men. The drunk passenger was pulled toward the front of the plane while the boyfriend was pulled toward the back of the plane where he had blood coming from his face. The drunk passenger had bit the nose of the drunk boyfriend and he started to bleed like a stuffed pig. The blood even made its way onto the overhead lockers. Both men were arrested after the incident.

More of the story is to know your limits as a boyfriend. I love my girlfriend but I’m not trying to get my nose bitten off because someone doesn’t appreciate her stinky feet. I mean I thought Mike Tyson was crazy for biting someone’s ear off, but this drunk passenger just took it up a notch. Also this proves my point that I have to make to my girlfriend all the time that she will always be okay, but instead I’m going to get my ass kicked. For example, she will talk crap to someone and I always start looking around for the boyfriend that is going to knock my ass out. For all the boyfriends out there, remember just know your limits.

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