Ramblers Last Second Shot

Last year on this date The Loyola Ramblers would make a last second shot that would shock everyone. This was the start of their beautiful run that had everyone routing for a Cinderella story. They would make it to the Final Four where their season would end to Michigan, but this all might not have happened if Donte Ingram doesn’t drain a last second shot.

On March 15, 2018 the Loyola Ramblers matched up against Miami who was ranked No. 6 seed. Loyola hadn’t made the NCAA Tournament in 33 years and they made this one special. The Ramblers played great in the first half, but still would end up tied at 28-28. Miami would jump out to an early lead in the second half, and Loyola would have to catch up. With 9.3 seconds left Miami would be at the free throw line trying to make it a 2 point game. Well I could explain the rest, but let’s just watch.

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That moment was absolutely crazy, but this shot would just be the start of many last second shots that would lead Loyola to the Final Four. As the weekend goes on get excited for each finish that would be Loyola’s Cinderella Story.

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