Golden Tate Remaking Gold

This video is absolutely golden! See what I did there? If you haven’t seen Jerry Maguire than you have been living under a rock. Well if you haven’t seen it than it was about Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) being an agent that has put all of his hope on a wide receiver Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr). Finally Rod gets an opportunity in the NFL and has a scene that Golden Tate just reenacted. This scene is the most memorable part of the movie besides the adorable kid. The whole love part of the movie could have been left out but that is just my opinion. Besides Golden Tate getting paid, is this a good place for Golden Tate?

Golden Tate will be joining Shaquon Barkley for the Giants, but there whole quarterback situation is a disaster. Eli Manning can’t even throw the ball deep anymore so Tate won’t be getting any deep balls anytime soon. So Tate will be running a lot of slant routes. Also the Giants got rid of Odell Beckham for about nothing. Hopefully they will be able to select Dwyane Haskins in the draft to give them a future franchise quarterback, but that’s if Dwyane is actually as good as people think. I really hope the best for Golden Tate, but even if its a disaster in New York at least he has this video to make him relevant.

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