Hot Bulls Cool Off Tonight

The very improved Chicago Bulls were taking on the Milwaukee Bucks for a Monday night showdown. The Milwaukee Bucks were without their best player Giannis Antekounmpo due to knee soreness. Without Giannis in the lineup Milwaukee Bucks are significantly worse and have a record of 2-2 without him in the lineup. The Bulls took advantage and jumped out to 38-25 lead at the end of the First Quarter. The Chicago Bulls were led by Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen like usual recently. Markkanen had 14 points, and LaVine had 10 points at the end of the First Quarter.

The Milwaukee Bucks took the momentum to start off the Second Quarter with a 17-4 run that would tie up the game at 42-42. The Bucks kept that momentum going through the Second Quarter outscoring the Bulls 38-16 in the Second Quarter. Zach LaVine didn’t score in the Second Quarter and Lauri only had 6 points, so its obvious that if the two stars struggle then the Chicago Bulls struggle. The final of the Second Quarter was 63-54 in the favor of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Chicago Bulls wouldn’t be able to match Milwaukee’s second quarter performance. The end of third quarter was 90-80 in Bucks favor. The final score was 117-106 in favor for the Bucks. The leading scorer of the Bulls was a tie between Lopez and Markkanen with 26 points each. LaVine had only score 11 for the entire game after having a 10 point first quarter. The Bulls are focused on seeing progress from Markkanen and LaVine for the rest of the season. When both are on the Bulls play great basketball and even though Lopez had a great game today he isn’t going to be a vital part of the Bulls in the future. If Lopez would have been playing this good before the trade deadline they would have moved him for the future team. Chicago will be at Memphis to take on the Grizzlies on Wednesday night.

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