Yao Ming Had $1 Million Bounty in 2000 Olympics

Kevin Garnett revealed this week that during the 2000 Olympics there was a $1 Million reward to who could dunk over Yao Ming. Yao Ming is a 7-foot-6 superstar who was playing for the Houston Rockets when he joined the China Olympic team.

Kevin Garnett went on to say, “People didn’t know, we had a bounty out on Yao Ming,” said Garnett in an interview with Yahoo! Sports. “The whole USA team had a bet. We had a million dollar bet on who was going to be the first person to dunk on Yao Ming. None of us did. We all tried to dunk on Yao, but he would block it or we would miss.”

No one was able to dunk on Yao Ming in the 2000 Olympics, but people do remember the dunk that Vince Carter did against France. This dunk is one of many that people remember of Vince Carter career.

The United States Olympic basketball team would go on to win the Gold medal in Sydney, Australia. Yao Ming did get dunked on his career as a Houston Rocket by players such as Kobe Bryant, Andre Iguodala, and Shaq but no one could get rewarded $1 Million in the 2000 Olympics.

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