Ohio St. VS Northwestern Football Play on a Friday Night?

Northwestern will be hosting the Ohio St. Buckeyes on October 18th of 2019. If you pull out your calendar then you will notice that the game will be played on a Friday night. Friday night football is meant for high school football and high school football only. Even Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern Head Coach, said to the Chicago Tribune, “I still fundamentally believe that Fridays are for high school football. This one was out of our control. Didn’t get a vote on this. I understand why we’re doing this, but it does not make me happy.” The reason Big 10 wanted to present some games on Friday nights are for TV ratings. This will allow for the Big 10 to be included in more prime time games.

This will be an important game because this will be the first time the teams face each other since they played for the Big 10 Championship on December 1st of 2018. Ohio St. would go on to win the Big 10 by defeating Northwestern 45-24. This game will be important because Northwestern will be coming off a season that many people didn’t see coming including myself. Northwestern is trying to show they should get the respect of a good football program in the Big 10. We will also get to see if Justin Fields transferring to Big 10 will lead the Buckeyes to another Big 10 Championship and even possibly a College Football Playoff spot.

Even tho I believe this game would be a great Saturday afternoon game, I will be attending because both teams have a lot to fight for and it will be the rematch of the 2018 Big 10 Championship.

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