Should NFL Review Every Play?

New Orleans Saints played the Los Angles Rams on Sunday for the NFC title game on Sunday where it ended with some controversy. With 1:49 left to play in the game tied up at 20-20 the saints faced a third-and-10 from the Rams’ 13-yard line. Drew Brees dropped back and threw a pass to Tommy Lee Lewis where he got hit by Nickell Robey Coleman before the arrival of the ball. The penalty wasn’t called and the Saints had to kick a field goal, and if the Saints would have got the call then they would have had a first down. They would have ran the clock out and kicked a field goal to win the game, but instead got beat in overtime 26-23. So the question gets asked why couldn’t the Saints review that penalty?

The Saints couldn’t review that penalty because pass inference penalties aren’t reviewable. The only things that are reviewable are scoring plays, turnovers, receptions, spot of ball, kick goes over crossbar, and if player fumbled prior to being down by contact. So this brings up another question, should the NFL review any play?

The NFL shouldn’t review any play because it would slow the game down, and also because we as people need to account for human error. The game would get slowed down so much because literally every play could get reviewed. There is holding about every play and is a coach going to throw a review flag for a hold? We as fans need to also account for human error. This call was blown, but this play wasn’t the only reason the Saints lost this game.

The Saints didn’t just lose this game because of this penalty not being called. The Saints should have ran the ball on first down to chew up more clock instead of throwing a quick incompletion. Also remember the Saints started Overtime with the ball and could have easily went down the field just like the Patriots did in their AFC Championship game. They instead threw an interception which led to the Rams kicking a field goal to win the game. Instead of brining more technology into the game just let the players play the game and enjoy how this game was a priceless NFC matchup.

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