Why Kyle Murray Should Choose The NFL!

Kyle Murray is a household name after the 2018 College Football Season, and was the winner of the Heisman Trophy. Well, before this football season he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics and signed a nice $4.66 million bonus which to me sounds very nice right now as student loan payments build up. But, I think Kyle Murray should choose the NFL because he will make more money, he will be more relevant in the NFL, and finally he will be given a chance in the NFL now compared to possibly spending a couple years in the minor leagues.

First, Kyle Murray will make more in the NFL than he would he chose the MLB. Yes, he was rewarded that lavish $4.66 million dollar bonus, but if he was chosen first round in the NFL, like he is predicted, he will make more in the signing bonus category if we go off last years draft class. Baker Mayfield was chosen number 1 and he received a $21.8 million dollar signing bonus, but Lamar Jackson was chosen 32nd and received a $4.98 million bonus. I understand that is a big gap but that is the comparison of the first overall draft pick to the 32nd, which is the last pick of the first round. Even if he was chosen as the last pick of the first round then he would still receive more money in a signing bonus in the NFL than he would in the MLB.

Second reason he should choose NFL is because he is relevant in football. He was declared the Heisman Trophy this past year in college football, and had a breakout year. He led the Oklahoma Sooners to the college football playoffs and faced Alabama who ended their college football season. Kyle Murray had crazy stats where he threw for 4,361 yards with 42 touchdown passes. That was just one part of his game because he was also a great runner as a quarterback ran the ball over 1,000 yards and 12 more touchdowns. Even with his small frame he made a huge splash this year in the college football landscape.

Finally, Kyle Murray should choose the NFL because he will be given a chance sooner than if he decided to play baseball. Typically, first round draft picks that are quarterbacks are given a chance within the first couple seasons of playing in the NFL depending on if the team needs a quarterback now. Every quarterback that was chosen in the first round of the 2018 draft started at least one game this year. This shows that Kyle Murray would get a chance in his first season or possibly second. While if he choses the MLB, the Oakland Athletics have said based on his talent he would most likely start in the Double A. It could take Kyle more than a couple years to get to the MLB, and he would lose his relevance.

Kyle Murray should choose the NFL because personally I would like to see him play on Sundays. He is exciting to watch and let’s see if the man standing at 5’10 can be a tall impact in the NFL.

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