About Me

Hello people my name is Anthony Cook and I am a newbie to the blogging game. I am here to write about sports where I will give my opinion with facts, and hopefully make you laugh while you read it. I will stick with mostly football, basketball, baseball, and some hockey as I know more about these sports but if I’m feeling risky I might write a little about soccer. I currently work third shift so majority of my blogs will be posted early in the morning when all the “normal” people are sleeping, so this means if you comment during the day I will be sleeping like an “unnormal” person. Finally, my post won’t be long and I post two blogs a day depending on the day. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you do!


    • Hey Rob, so I started with this website that was a couple dollars a month allowing me to post whatever I want. I want to just bring some humor to sports, but give me tonight to write something about the Pacers. Text me or message me if you have any more questions


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